Maximize Efficiency with
Appointment Scheduling
for Salesforce

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Automate Bookings for Enterprise
and Unlimited Editions

If you use Enterprise of Unlimited Editions of Salesforce, you know what you need to maximize efficiency. With Agendize, you can book as many as 40% more appointments right off the bat.

Store Appointment Clients as Leads or Contacts

Agendize puts Salesforce first, carrying all the data your appointments create into Lead and Contact Cards of your choice.

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Automate Reminders and Notifications

Tired of calling your clients before appointments to make sure they’ll show? Agendize saves up to 75% of time spent managing appointments with automated reminders via Email and SMS.

Generate and Deliver Leads

Salesforce admins and consultants love Agendize because it allows them to deliver appointments with new leads right into their reps’ Salesforce Calendars. Agendize maximizes efficiency for each sales and support rep, while enabling effective marketing automation for demo requests and more.

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Discover the White Paper

Agendize’s Salesforce Scheduling White Paper gives you the low-down on every element of this powerful product integration.

What They’re Already Saying

Get Maximum Configurability

Agendize lets you place a booking button on your different lead and contact cards for easy internal bookings, while also offering
advanced APIs, ensuring customizable processes and data ownership, no matter the size of your organization.