APIs: A New Way to Click-to-Action

APIs: A New Way to Click-to-Action

This gives a whole new meaning to the Agendize Conversation Suite. We’re hard at work putting the final touches on our new APIs . We’re very proud to share our first version with you today.

Our evolving platform has three (soon to be four) APIs designed to make your website, mobile applications and newsletters even more engaging and user-friendly.

The Action API offers you complete control to build your own interface for Agendize widgets. Why not integrate a Click-to-Call button into your iPad app so users can request a call immediately?

The Platform API makes it easy to create and manage Agendize accounts, buttons and campaigns from your own application. Offer users a highly-integrated experience as they set up Agendize buttons from within your platform.  We made it even easier to sign-up and start a live conversation.

The Analytics API allows you to quickly access all of your reporting data so you can trace and track it all! Get data on all phone calls, chats, saves and shares.

Take full control of your user engagement.  Get started today!

Feel free to share your API experience with us.  Visit our forum for questions of contact us directly via chat, phone or email.


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