Announcing the Agendize Form Builder

Announcing the Agendize Form Builder

We’re excited to be launching a new application that helps further round out the Agendize suite of engagement tools: a Form Builder.

Agendize Form Builder Icon

With this post, we wanted to give you a quick tour of the Form Builder and show you how you can use it.

Creating a New Form

To create a new form, you can either select from among a list of predefined form templates we provide:

Predefined templates

Or, you can use our selection of field types to make your own:

Form fields

We included some basic field types that can be used in any form (like a single line of text or a dropdown list) and also some more complex fields to speed up the creation of new forms and validation of the data entered (like email addresses, phone numbers and street addresses).

As you create your form, you will see a preview view to the right where you can also click on the pencil icon to edit each field’s title and define whether or not it’s a required field for the user to fill.

Editing fields

Installing Your Form

Once you’ve created your form, you can click on the Get Code link to get the code to place the form on your page. We offer the link to the form in a few different formats:

  • Standalone link: This is just the URL of the form, if you want to send someone a direct link by email or IM, or want to embed it in some other code.
  • Embedded: By using this code, you can embed the form directly onto just about any page, using an iframe.
  • Popup: In case you would like the form to open in a new window.


Like all of our engagement applications, you have access to detailed reporting on your forms filled. In addition to having summary data on the number of times each form is filled, you can view the data entered and export it to an Excel spreadsheet.


If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know in the forum!

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