Agendize Staff 2.0 hits the App Store and Google Play!

Agendize Staff 2.0 hits the App Store and Google Play!

After having launched our app only a couple months ago on iOS and Android, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added more improvements and bug fixes to our mobile appointment scheduling application, including full synchronization with the Apple Watch! This plays a crucial role in making our online scheduling easier to use than ever, and ensures that entrepreneurs who use our online scheduling will have its full capabilities available to them wherever they are, whenever they want.


So, our new features include:

Remote notifications when a new appointment is booked.

– Apple Watch shows all information about all the appointments you have in a day.

– New Maps integration means that when a client address is available in the platform, you can quickly tap to see the quickest directions to your client’s location – perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs on-the-go!

Improved stability means fewer crashes and easier long-term use.

New visuals for map, messaging and call icons in each client profile, as well as a new edit mode where you can see changes that occur in an appointment!


These improvements are part of Agendize’s continued dedication to making great customer engagement tools accessible to every kind of business. Independent doctors, legal and financial professionals, hairdressers, contractors and more all enjoy the same great daily benefits from Agendize’s customer engagement tools. With our online scheduling app, there’s no limit to how to manage your appointments, saving time on tedious tasks, improving customer satisfaction, and giving you more time to do what you love!

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