Agendize Releases Online Scheduling Smartwatch App

Agendize Releases Online Scheduling Smartwatch App

This month, wearable tech has made its entrance with the presentation of the LG Watch R, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch. Agendize is at the forefront of this technological innovation by releasing an Online Scheduling productivity app for Smartwatch. This app brings service providers mobility, operational continuity and discretion. Here’s how…


Online Scheduling Smartwatch brings mobility

Online Scheduling for Smartwatch brings mobility

1. Extreme mobility

Online Scheduling for Smartwatch provides professionals with extreme mobility. It lets them to carry their essential operations and clients records on their wrists. This technology attached to their wrist follows professional throughout the day, making it almost impossible to forget or lose. Features like accessing customer profiles help location-based service providers on-the-go like realtors or contractors navigate smoothly from one appointment to the next.


Online Scheduling for Smartwatch brings continuity

Online Scheduling for Smartwatch brings continuity

2. Operational continuity.

A simple glance at their watch is enough for professionals to get all information necessary on their daily schedules while keeping an excellent service quality standard. Smartwatch Scheduling brings continuity in the hectic schedule of service professionals who can’t break away from customer interaction. With powerful notification system integrated like reminders and appointment details, appointment-intensive service providers like store representatives or dentists can sail through their work day, getting the information they need on their daily program while attending customers, without interruption.


Online Scheduling for Smartwatch brings discretion

Online Scheduling for Smartwatch brings discretion

3. Social discretion.

Online Scheduling for Smartwatch offers an inconspicuous way for any service professional to glance at and control their schedule without disrupting their conversations. Accepting, refusing or updating the status of an appointment can now be done in few simple taps on their Smartwatch. These smart actions allow client-sensitive service providers, such as insurance, banking or legal representatives to plan their next follow-up in a few touches.


“SMBs across all sectors use Online Scheduling because it brings them productivity, 24/7 availability and more customers. Now gone fully mobile, Online Scheduling allows SMBs to manage their business from any device anytime, anywhere. Today, with the emergence of wearable tech, packaging all those features into a SmartWatch is just a way for us to provide an natural extension to this productivity and mobility.” explains Christophe Berge, Chief Architect at Agendize.


Ready to embrace wearable tech?

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