Agendize Releases New CRM

Agendize Releases New CRM


Agendize is now more than an Online Scheduling and Customer Engagement platform. With our new intuitive Customer Relationship Management feature, we allow SMB to enterprise users to build, organize and update their list of customers. Users can also promote content thanks to a new email marketing functionality.



New “Clients” Tab.

You can now easily access the complete list of your customers with the new “Clients” tab that appears on the menu bar.

Appealing Customer Profiles.

It’s made simpler to personalize your customers profiles with a picture, contact information, birth date, time zone and more.



Advanced Client Search.

It’s now easier to navigate through your customers with the new multi-filtering feature. Quickly search them with 4 different filters you can combined to make it even more accurate: name+email+phone+tag

Smart Tagging.

Improve the way you organize your list of customers. Differentiate your clients based on the criteria that will help you follow-up with them. “Regular” vs “no-show” customers. Tag “Old customers” for those who haven’t visited since a while to send them promotions.

Email Marketing.

Thanks to this new email marketing feature, you can send promotional emails to your customers.

Customer Profiles Merging.

Your client booked two appointments using two different email addresses or using two different phone numbers? Now you can merge both customers in one single profile.

Excel Import

With this new excel import feature, you can now add your existing customers’ information into agendize platform to build one unified CRM.




Every time a customer books appointments or calls you with a tracked phone number, they automatically appear in your clients’ list.

Latest Customer Interactions Tracking.

Thanks to this new functionality, you can track your latest interactions with your customers. Last appointment they booked. Last time they called. Last email you sent with the agendize interface. Last note you wrote on your client’s profile. This allows you to better follow-up on your customers, daily.

Complete Calls History.

With this calls history, get a complete picture of your inbound calls. Main information include call date, customers phone number, company phone number, call duration.


Get started with agendize full online scheduling and CRM platform now!

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Raphaël ISCAR

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