Agendize Releases Appointment Scheduling mobile app: Agendize Staff

Agendize Releases Appointment Scheduling mobile app: Agendize Staff

Agendize’s Newly Launched Mobile App Addresses the 90% of Small Businesses That Still Struggle to Manage Client Appointments. It brings automated appointment booking and CRM services to small and medium businesses and allows SMB owners to run their operations from anywhere, at anytime with its new iOS and Android apps.

August, 2015 – Montréal – Agendize reports that a survey of 500 US-based companies by found that 56.3% of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) use online calendars to book appointments, 24.2% schedule over the phone, and 8.8% still use pen and paper. With this in mind, Agendize has upgraded its services for small business owners by launching a new mobile app, Agendize Staff. The app is aimed at SMBs and enables business owners to manage all the details of their appointments, giving upwards of 55,000 Agendize users the flexibility to work and respond to customer needs anywhere and any time. Agendize Staff is available for both Android and iOS users, and also features complete integration with Apple Watch. To get started, business owners need only to create an account on the Agendize sign up page and download the new mobile app!

89.2% of SMBs fail to use online scheduling systems to book their appointments, and instead use less efficient systems that every day cost them more time and money. According to the survey, double-bookings, missed meetings, and even a simple lack of information or client history can compromise SMBs in the process of serving even their most valued customers.

The Agendize system’s popularity stems from its intuitive interface and multiple features, which are designed to solve many of the problems that SMBs have during their day-to-day appointment booking activity. Business owners and their employees have access to a calendar overview of all appointments and detailed information on each client profile. This includes access to customer booking history, which helps to maintain and nurture customer relationships. The integrated Agendize CRM includes full email functionality, enabling SMBs to incorporate their client mailing lists for marketing purposes. What’s more, the system allows client profile tagging for more targeted campaigns – and this helps businesses promote their services to the right clients at the right time, improving customer retention as a result.

To reduce no-shows and other surprises, Agendize includes automated notifications for both clients and businesses. Customers can book and cancel appointments via the SMBs website or Facebook page through an interface that is fully mobile-responsive. Moreover, texting and calling shortcuts facilitate direct business-to-client interaction.

“The on-demand economy is growing exponentially,” says Agendize CEO Alexandre Rambaud. “With our new mobile apps, Agendize is very much like an ‘Uber’ of appointment-booking; business owners can manage their days down to the last detail, and clients can schedule – and even cancel – bookings online, in or out of normal business hours, without ever having to call up the company. Our goal is to bring complete efficiency to the process, providing small businesses with an automated solution, which gives them time to concentrate on running the business – not their appointment book.”

Agendize distinguishes itself from the competition by offering 24/7 dedicated support worldwide. It is available as both a white and private label, so that customers do not need to know that an external bookings system is being used. On top of this, the system’s suite of APIs allows businesses complete flexibility to configure and manage the system as if it were a bespoke solution.

“The addition of our iOS and Android apps means we now have the benefits of mobile to offer too. It is our aim to give SMBs everywhere access to automation, whether they are in the workplace or on the move. Our service can be used by any kind of business – it doesn’t matter if you’re running a hair salon, a plumbing service or a dentist office – Agendize can get you the results you need,” adds Rambaud.

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