Agendize Reaches Major Milestone— 20 Million Actions!

Agendize Reaches Major Milestone— 20 Million Actions!

We’re always working very hard on improving our tools’ functionality for our customers and community. Our latest APIs are one of the many examples of our recent improvements.

You may not know this about Agendize, but we try not to get too caught up on our own numbers and stats. We must say, this past week has been more numbers and stats focused than usual. Possibly the start of a slight addiction. An amazing addiction in our opinion.

You may not feel the urge to pop open a bottle of champagne or jump from your computer chair after reading this news. But for a startup company of 15 people, this is BIG news!  And we’re very proud of it.

Amidst the usual pile of work and launch of the new homepage, we’ve still been finding time to raise a glass and celebrate.

Not necessarily in style…

The numbers are in. We have officially reached a major milestone this week—20 million actions and counting. This means that Agendize has facilitated over 20 million calls, chats, appointments, shares and more!

An impressive stat for a company that has remained pretty quiet until now.

And we plan on being L O U D! In a good way.

Most importantly, our numbers serve as concrete evidence that online business #trends are changing even faster now.This peaceful demonstration of 20 million user- actions proves that businesses and clients need more ways to interact online.

The focus is shifting from “how many users can we get to our site?”  to “how can we get them to stay longer, buy our stuff and be happy?”

And the solution must be easy, fast and measureable.

Seems like we have some pretty big problems to solve? Maybe.

But here at Agendize, we continue to prove that size doesn’t matter… on getting the job done right.

And paying more attention to numbers and stats can teach us (and YOU) a lesson or two.

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