Agendize in trade delegation during Mexico state visit

Agendize in trade delegation during Mexico state visit

Agendize Founder and CEO was part of the French delegation during the state visit to Mexico City with president François Hollande strengthening its position as the leading provider of Online Conversion solutions.

April 9-11. Mexico City. Agendize accompanied President François Hollande on a state visit to Mexico, 50 years after President De Gaulle when he delivered a speech on the need to work “mano en la mano” (hand in hand).  Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, invited the French president surrounded by the CEOs of 5 SMBs and 20 CAC40 companies, representing 60% of French GDP,  in order to boost business relations and double trade between both countries.

Agendize in Mexico with François Hollande in official visit

French President François Hollande and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto shaking hands

This visit was the opportunity for Alexandre Rambaud, Founder and CEO of Agendize, and his Mexican team to meet state representatives and business leaders, reinforcing a strategic milestone for Agendize: “We have already built a strong foothold in Mexico, where we aim at creating a subsidiary to support our expansion throughout Latin America”, Alexandre pointed.

The creation of a Mexican subsidiary follows a strong wave of internationalization at Agendize, who now generates 95% of its revenue oversees. Today, Agendize distributes its online conversion solutions through major digital players worldwide, including Seccin Amarilla and Carvajal in South America. In Mexico alone, “the Agendize online conversion tools, like Appointment Scheduling Software and Click to Call, are used on more than 40,000 independent websites, Alexandre highlighted on a RFI radio interview (spanish).

Agendize CEO in Mexico with President Hollande

On the main picture, Alexandre Rambaud is presenting Agendize experience in Mexico to 24 other French CEOs. On the bottom left, Alexandre Rambaud with François Hollande and other CEOs. On the bottom center, Agendize CEO is with Aurélie Filipetti, Minister of the Culture and Communication. On the bottom right, Alexandre Rambaud is about to take the flight for Mexico state visit.

This event allowed Agendize to strengthen existing relations in Mexico and create new ones, for example with ProMexico and COMCE, to aid the company’s growth and expansion, both locally and on the continent.



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