Optimize the efficiency of your organization by managing your Agendize Appointments from Salesforce

Automate your scheduling whatever your Salesforce version is

You know how to use Salesforce to boost your business. With Agendize you can earn up to 40% more appointments now.

Classify clients earned with Agendize into “prospects” or “contracts.”

Agendize saves all data generated by your appointment booking in the Leads and Salesforce Contacts of your choice.

Automate reminders and notifications

Tired of calling your clients before their appointments to ensure they are present? Agendize lets you save up to 75% of this time previously spent by sending automatic reminders of upcoming appointments by email or SMS. 

Generate and save leads

Salesforce appreciates us because we allow them to register prospect appointments directly in their salesforce calendars. We optimize their business results, in addition to offering them automated marketing to manage their product demonstration demands effectively.


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