Agendize 2014 World Cup Calendar, a game changer for TV channels?

Agendize 2014 World Cup Calendar, a game changer for TV channels?

You’ve probably already missed tons of TV programs because of organization issues and crazy time schedules. Be it Game of Thrones episodes, a movie you didn’t want to miss, a political debate, a documentary or now a 2014 World Cup game, it’s becoming hard to stay organized and to be sure to watch everything we want live.

Actually, wouldn’t everyone like to have a personal secretary to optimize his or her personal calendar and not waste a single minute of life? Online Scheduling Software can help you accomplish that.

At the moment I am writing this, the FIFA World Cup 2014 has started and I am sure that, all over the world, some games are being missed because of time schedule and time zone problems. But what I think is that TV channels could do something to help people stay tuned with the programs they provide. On one of our latest blog posts, we focused on why the market needs appointment scheduling software. Let’s apply this to TV channels and implement the Appointment Scheduling Software in the TV channels’ program.

This way, the audience could directly book “an appointment” not with a dentist or a doctor, as it is normally used for, but a world cup game. Once people will have booked the next hottest game of the competition, USA vs Portugal for example, they will receive an email reminder 1 hour before the game starts to have the time to rush to the nearest TV screen and not miss a minute of it. The event can even be directly integrated to your online calendar like Google Calendar, Windows Calendar or iCal!

To help you visualize what it could be like if you had an scheduling widget on your favorite TV channel’s website, I’ve quickly developed a small “World Cup Calendar 2014 by Agendize” widget in 30 minutes with all games from the world cup that people can book. You can use it for free.

1. Chose the game you’d like to watch
2. Select it, the time will appear.
3. Click on it to book the game
4. Do it again for all the games you want to watch!

Click on the picture to try it:

Book your 2014 World Cup games with Agendize Online Scheduling

Agendize 2014 World Cup Calendar

I didn’t customize the design of the widget at all but the complete set of APIs Agendize provides can help you produce a widget with the design you’d like.

Why could this widget be important for TV channels? With such a “TV program scheduling tool,” channels could maximize and grow their audience by giving them every opportunity and reminder they need to be in front of their TV at the moment the program starts.

So schedule your next few weeks with the World Cup Calendar 2014 from Agendize!

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Raphaël ISCAR

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