A Visual Way to Get Creative with Conversions

A Visual Way to Get Creative with Conversions

Who said marketing your business online has to be boring? There’s so many fun and creative ways to expose your service/product, engage your customers and convert. Beat the post-summer blues and try these presentation tips out when you have minute or two.

Video Channels, Screencasts, Presentations and more…

Sending newsletters out via email and posting updates on your company blog are both good ways to inform your followers. But after a while these updates can become repetitive and you risk losing your audience’s attention. Keep your clickthrough rates up by trying out new ways to communicate — using YouTube, Camtasia or SlideShare for example.

Create a YouTube Channel and link it to your website, email campaign and social media pages. Use your webcam to shoot video updates with tips, announcement and updates. Read ReelSEO’s 9 Tips for Increasing Video Conversions for more advice.

Watching a screencast is more interesting than scrolling down bland pages of instructions. A video tutorial can explain your product/service in a more clearer and entertaining way (which is more likely to be remembered). Camtasia makes it quick and easy to record and edit your screencasts. It even gives you the option to post your videos directly to your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to add Click-to-Call to your video pages in case your customers  have questions after watching your presentation.

Another way to expose your brand is by adding your company’s whitepapers, conference notes and slideshow presentations to Slideshare. There’s no reason to keep all documents secret. The digital age is all about sharing information and knowledge. The more transparent you are with your conversion and marketing strategies, the more opportunities you will have to engage and interact with other experts in your field.

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