5 Tips for Writing a Survey That Won’t Get Ignored or Sent to the Trash

5 Tips for Writing a Survey That Won’t Get Ignored or Sent to the Trash

Surveys are a great tool to gather market research information from your visitors and customers. With our free Form Builder, building a survey is quick and easy. The biggest challenge of collecting online feedback is getting people to take your survey. Users will ignore or trash surveys in fear of wasting time filling out something that doesn’t benefit them.The most important rule for creating a successful survey is: never expect something for nothing.

Give your audience a reason to share their time and opinion with you. Incentives such as draws, giveaways, free downloads and discounts will get more people to click “yes” to your questionnaire. It’s not difficult to find a prize that is in your budget and attractive to a general audience. This time around, we’re giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to our visitors and customers who fill out our 5 minute survey.

Other tips to writing awesome surveys are:

  • Less is better. You’d be surprised with how much valuable information you can gather by asking the right 5 questions. Make your survey easy and enjoyable to take. Simple vocabulary, short sentences and clear questions are key.
  • Be honest with how much time it will take. Users want to know upfront how much time they will spend taking your survey. The last thing you want is people abandoning your survey midway. Your audience will appreciate you telling them the purpose of your survey. It makes their experience more meaningful .
  • Choose relevant answers. Not everyone taking your survey is an expert in the industry. Answer options should be tailored to a general audience. Always include the option of “Other” or “None of the above.”
  • Be real. A survey is a form of conversation, so don’t talk like a robot. Keep an informal tone that is professional. Feel free to be creative and funny.

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