4 Reasons To Be an Agendize Affiliate

4 Reasons To Be an Agendize Affiliate

“Affiliate Marketing” has become a buzz-worthy term in the world of e-marketing but not everyone is familiar with exactly what it is. Affiliate Marketing programs were created to facilitate commercial relations between e-partners. An Affiliate can subscribe to your program in order to help you promote and market your product or service. In return, Affiliates earn commissions when an end customer purchases or subscribes to your product or service.

Now that we’re clear on Affiliate Marketing perhaps you’re wondering: “Why should I chose the Agendize Affiliate program versus another program?”

Why should you become an Agendize Affiliate? Here are 4 key points that could answer this question:

1. First things first: Earn commissions for promoting Agendize Online Engagement Tools

Our program gives Freelancers, Bloggers, Web Agencies, SEO and SEM specialists or any digital expert the opportunity to earn 25% commissions for marketing the Agendize Online Engagement suite of interaction tools. By placing a banner or a link on their websites, Affiliates are sending Agendize potential future subscribers. The Affiliate program is able to track visitors that are brought to the Agendize website and each time a visitor is converted into a customer, an Affiliate is automatically paid commission as long as the sales balance reaches $50.

2. Easy promotion

You don’t need to create marketing material to promote products/services. Some prospective affiliates are already thinking about the massive time investment required in creating marketing material but as an Agendize Affiliate, we provide you with the most complete material you’ll need. From Ad banners to hyperlinks, with a catalogue including descriptions of each service we propose, you will find enough support to easily promote our engagement and conversion suite. 

3. Simple transactions

No more money-related tension with your business partners. The Affiliate program manages payment process through automatic wire. Whenever an affiliate reaches the $50 commissions threshold, he/she is automatically paid on the 23rd day of the month following the sale.

4. An Online Market Full of Opportunities!

Finally, Agendize Online Engagement tools part of a growing market! SBA reports around 28 million Small Businesses in the US. In a recent BIA Kelsey survey, 25% of SMBs answered they already were using scheduling software. A further 23% have indicated that they want to integrate this functionality in their website by 2015, which makes 6 million potential customers in the US alone. Given that each Agendize Online Scheduling subscription is $20 a month, then the market by 2015 will represent over $3 billion dollars! And that is only for Online Appointment Scheduling!!

How to easily join the Affiliate Program and promote Agendize Engagement tools:

  1. Go to Agendize Affiliate Program page
  2. Create your User Name and Password
  3. Type “Agendize” in the search bar to find the program
  4. Click on “Join the program” and wait for approval
  5. Go back to Agendize program and look for creative banners and links to add to your digital communications.

For more information you can read Agendize Affiliate Program Press Release.



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