4 reasons why retailers should embrace Online Scheduling tools

4 reasons why retailers should embrace Online Scheduling tools

Our friends at Capgemini Consulting have confirmed something we’ve been saying all along: retailers should embrace Online Scheduling tools! The study is a great read but we’re giving you the cheat sheet on how brick-and-mortar retailers can use Online Scheduling tools to generate more traffic and happier customers.

Home Depot uses Online Scheduling

1. Measured Bottom Line Impact

Through personal customer service, there is much higher potential of upselling for complimentary goods that can generate up to:

> 2.2% additional revenues for Electronics retailers

> 0.25% for DIY retailers

> 0.1% for Grocery retailers

Moreover, Online Scheduling automatically records customer data. Take advantage of this data to send personalized and targeted follow ups or promotions.

2. The other benefits of Click2Store 

Online scheduling reduces acquisition costs and increases revenue opportunities. Customers come to you!

By booking appointments with knowledgeable staff, personal and timely assistance will ensure customers spend more time with you and customers spend more. 48% of North American Shoppers said they were motivated to spend more in-store thanks to helpful customer service. Additionally, 60% of sales generated on an appointment, in turn, generated a 20% increase in upselling.

Appointment Booking works especially well for Companies with High Average Basket Value (e.g. electronics) and Diverse Product Range (e.g. home improvement/DIY)

3. Don’t miss out!

Your competitors are doing it. Online booking tools are being used by 42% of North American retailers, including 20% of the top 30 US retailers.

There is a significant opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in Europe where only 7% of all retailers use Online Scheduling.

Avoid common mistakes: Most companies who use Online Scheduling have no mobile version despite reducing dropouts/no shows and providing customer on-the-go flexibility. Also, 66% of companies record customer needs and history BUT only 20% are using it to share personalized offers.

4. Success factors

 Multi-channel. Provide a Multi Channel experience by using a synchronized system in-store and online with mobile optimized tools like Agendize.

Tailored service. Online Scheduling will allow you to customize your service to customer needs. Online Scheduling lets your customers choose their appointment time, employees, experience level, type of service, etc.

CRM integration. Synchronize Online Scheduling with your CRM and Mailing tool in order to automatically save customer data and create personalized solutions and promotions. Agendize integrates with 8 major CRM and Mailing applications – e.g. Salesforce, Zoho, MailChimp.

Dynamic process. Make sure your Online Scheduling system integrates seamlessly with your operations – e.g. employee schedule management, management visibility, etc. Agendize Online Schedule offers a plethora of configurable options to define the scheduling process exactly like you need it to be. For instance, employee calendars can be synchronized and automatic notifications can be sent to customers, managers and employees.

IMPORTANT TAKE-AWAY:Your approach to Online Scheduling needs to include all of the above or it won’t be effective. Good thing Agendize does it all.

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