3 Tools for Customer Experience Management

3 Tools for Customer Experience Management

In a recent post on the 5 Top Reasons for CEM, we dived into the challenges faced by CEOs to address Customer Experience Management (CEM). This time, let’s introduce solutions to those challenges and evaluate their impact.


Impact of Engaging Customers
28% of CEOs agree that customers expect faster resolutions. Today, it has become about catching customers ‘on-the-fly’ to provide them the information they are looking for, right there and then. Businesses who engage with their customers perform better than those who don’t:

  • 16% increase in revenue through cross and up-sell (versus 8% without CEM)
  • 9.8% increase in customer lifetime value (vs 1%)
  • Lower average cost per customer contact

For this, it is important to provide customers all the necessary alternatives to contact a business, at all times.


27% of CEOs consider the proliferation of new customer engagement channels as a challenge. Whether customers contact a business via phone, chat, email or even to schedule an appointment – they expect the same service.

A solution like Agendize offers all these ways to interact with customers, in a single platform – keeping the exchange consistent across multiple channels. Directly from your site, customers can give you a call with Click-to-Call or chat with you with Live Chat.


Mobile & Social
33% of CEOs acknowledge the pressure of customers expecting a consistent experience across multiple touch-points. Consumers reach out to businesses through all kinds of media: desktop, mobile, social media… Even businesses are starting to operate their business across devices.

The Agendize solutions can be deployed across multiple channels like a website, a mobile site or even a Facebook page. Also, an application like the Online Scheduling is mobile-optimized – making it not only available on mobile for customers, it is also available for business operators from any device.


Source: Aberdeen, 2014. State of the CEM Market 2014: It’s All About Better Use of Customer Data
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