3 reasons why scheduling goes mobile

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3 reasons why scheduling goes mobile

There are 3 good reasons why Online Scheduling should be optimized for mobile.


1. #2 reason for mobile search

The top 2 reasons why people would call your business after searching you on their mobile device: checking your opening hours or scheduling an appointment with you.



2. SMBs go mobile

Now that over 50% of online searches are done via mobile devices, it is critical for businesses to have a mobile-optimized presence. These top industries who have gone mobile (table below) are also those who are the most likely to be called by customers to book an appointment!



3. Popular across the board

Agendize data confirms these trends… Any service-based business ultimately needs to schedule face-to-face time with their customer. This makes Online Scheduling relevant for businesses of all sizes, across the board – as shown by the adoption repartition across different verticals.

SMB-adopters-Agendize-partner SMB-adopters-Agendize

Source: Agendize data


It’s simple. Online Scheduling needs to be mobile-optimized because it is relevant for various SMB segments, who are going mobile and whose customer are searching for them on mobile to book an appointment… That’s why Agendize will soon bring you an even more optimal user experience for mobile…



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