3 Amazing Resources to Learn More About SEO

3 Amazing Resources to Learn More About SEO

Customers often ask us how they can attract more users to their site so they can convert even more. This week, I decided to learn more bout the powerful world of search engine optimization, to answer all your questions on how to generate more Click-to-Calls and Live Chat sessions . I’ve always imagined that SEO is an easy topic to research online. It took one click to prove me wrong.

On the bright side, my search was anything but empty.  Google- searching the famous acronym led me to a giant list of SEO companies, platforms, articles and more—1, 730,000,000 + results. On the other hand, I found myself spending quite some time sorting through many useless links, picking out the true hidden treasures.

MY crème de la crème list of worthy SEO resources:

1. The Beginners Guide to SEO by @SEOmoz

The ultimate bible for understanding and implementing SEO .This 10- chapter tutorial takes you on a educational journey —full of real examples, infographics and useful tips. You’ll also find a chapter on how to measure and track success. Put some time aside to go over this one. It’s thick. I downloaded the PDF version and read it over a few days.

2. The Unscary, Real World Guide to SEO Copywriting by Ian Lurie @portentint

I came across Lurie’s guide on AppSumo.com and it was worth every dollar.  It provided me with a solid 31-page introduction on how to make write and format my content in a SEO-friendly way. I especially appreciated the many examples of good SEO text vs. bad SEO text.

3. SEO Beyond Your Site by @Alex_Galasso

This short article explores the new age of SEO, following the  rule of “always putting your users’ interest first.” Galasso “breaks down the importance of social signals into two main categories: virality and social media presence.” He proves that sharing content on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites can boost your SEO ranking. Galasso’s article tempted me to scope out the new social networking site, about.me . It took me less than 5 minutes to create a custom splash- page- style profile that links all my social media accounts, websites and blogs:

About.me is definitely a creative and fun way to generate more leads to your website/blog.

Pay it forward and share your SEO tips below.


Nancy E.

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