14 Super SEO Blog Suggestions for Susie K.

14 Super SEO Blog Suggestions for Susie K.

Earlier this month,  Susie K, a member of a LinkedIn group that I follow, asked the group for SEO blog suggestions. Little did she know that her short query would dominate the message board for over a week. 52 members were quick to share their favorite SEO resources. Now that’s what I call team work.

With so many new blogs born every day, opportunities to share experiences, advice, resources, tips online are growing. But how do  know which blogs are legit and worth our time?

Instead of preaching a not-so-interesting lesson in how to pick out good blogs from bad ones, I decided to show my respect to this amazing team effort and present you with Susie K’s super SEO link-share—in no particular order:

Wait! There’s something wrong here!?” Is your super SEO blog missing from the list? Post it in the comments below.

Nancy E.


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